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Information on Family Dentist
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People feel comfortable to get their treatment done from family dentist. Family dentist is known to them an moreover they know his clinic, means it is familiar to them. People feel frustrated to got the dental speceialist-means going to a new office, interacting with an unfamiliar staff and of course a new doctor.

Especially it has noted that children/kids can go easily to their family dentist. But if it’s needed to go to the dental specialist go to the dental specialist for some specific treatment then they don’t co-operate all. Everything seems to be different for them and they are least accommodative.

Family dentist refers the patient to specialist when those procedures he or she cannot do and feels that a specialist can do significantly better. But the patient sometimes wonder that why our own doctor could not treat us and so worry about how serious the condition is from which he is suffering.

These doubts along with the unusual environment of the dental specialist’s office, increases the stress and anxiety within the patient’s mind. In order to make these problems easy the person must have the proper knowledge of the conditions due to which he/she is being sent to the specialist.

First of all, he must known what the dental specialist are and how do they differ from the family dentist. To become a dentist, the requirement is generally to complete four years of dental college studies and one year complete rotatory internship. If a person wants to become a specialist then there is need of three years additional studies by which he/she becomes specialist.

There are various fields in dentistry to get specialization. Such as Oral Surgery, periodontics, Orthodentics, Pedodontics, Prosthodontics, Radiology, etc. In case of Oral Surgery, the treatment involves the removal of teeth and jaw surgery. Periodontics involves the treatment of gum disease Prosthodontics involves rebuilding and replacing teeth.

Pedodontics, involves the dental treatment of children, Orthodontics involves the straightening of teeth with braces and Endodontics involves the root canal therapy and the surgery associated with saving teeth. All of such dental specialist are use for both the patients and family dentist.

Hence, there are certain dental produces, which the family dentist cannot do and is of the view a better way. These procedure’s are like extraction of impacted wisdom teeth and other complex dental extractions.

They also require most biopsies and other for surgeries to be done by dental specialists. Family dentists cannot do surgical placement of dental implants hence they require doctor specialized in that field. Family dentist cannot put on braces on patient’s teeth, hence they require the need of orthodontists.

There are complex root canal procedures often on the back teeth like molars, which require the need for specialists. Moreover, endodontists are also required to perform apicectomy, that is surgical removal of the root tip. The degree to which a family dentist, refers the patient to a specialist varies widely from dentist to dentist.

Some family dentist perform the vast majority of treatment needed by their patients. In contrast, other dentists refer a high percentage of their difficult procedures to dental specialists. The main reason for this disparity has to do with the training and experience of the family dentist.


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