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Information on Eyesight Testing Method
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It is worthwhile to keep three-four different eyesight testing charts in one’s house.

If the child is made to read a different chart every time, he is not likely to learn the letters by heart. After the completion of the test, the chart should be closed and kept out of the child’s reach.Let us study the distant vision testing chart with the help of given model. In this chart, a big letter is printed on the top. Below the letter is the figure 60. The two letters smaller than the first one are below the figure 60.

The figure 36 is printed below these two letters. Below the figure 36 there are three letters smaller than the above two letters and the figure 24 is printed below them. Similarly in the lines that follow, smaller and yet smaller letters are printed with the figures 18, 12, 9, 6, 5 & 4 respectively below them.

The figures in the chart indicate the distance at which these letters can be easily read by persons with normal eyesight. Thus the figure 60 indicates that a person with normal eyesight can read the letter above it from a distance of 60 metres.

The letters with the figure 36 below them can be read by a normally-sighted person from a distance of 36 metres and so on. For checking the eyesight, the distance should always be 6 metres.If a person can read the letters of the seventh line comfortably from the distance of 6 metres, his vision is said to be normal. It is denoted as 6/6.

Thus, eyesight is recorded as a fraction in which the numerator denotes the distance of the subject from the chart, which is usually 6 metres, and the denominator denotes the line which the subject reads.Thus 6/12 means that from 6 metres, a person can read only that line which normally-sighted persons would have read from the distance of 12 metres.

For testing distant vision, . Record the vision of each eye separately, first without and then with glasses. See that the child does not strain his eyes whilst reading the letters on the chart.

The near vision should be tested with the help of the near vision testing chart given at the end of this bood. The chart should be held 14 inches from the eyes and should be able to read even the smallest letters on the chart i.e., N 5.

The vision should be checked at regular intervals of time. This way, any change in vision can immediately be detected.

Name     Age  
Obsn No. Date   Right eye Left eye









1.   Distant vision    
    Near vision    




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