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Eyeliner Tips And Tricks
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1. Widen eyes

To make your eyes appear farther apart, line top lashline from the midpoint of your eye to just beyond its outer edge. Continue line from the outer corner about 1/ inch into you lower lashes-this will draw attension to the outside of youe eyes

2. Create drama

Line your inner rims with a pencil eyeliner to give subtle eye makeup a darker, and more intense look(skip itif you have small eyes,or they'll look tiny). Liquid and shadow liners are not formulated for this area-neither one sticks to moist skin.

3. Enhance color

Wear a coloured liner that complements youe eye shade to make it stnad out. If you have blue eyes, pick deep blue or green; for brown and hazel eyes, try olive green or khaki; for green eyes, get gold or bronze; and if they're dark brown, try purple.

4. Brighten eyes

Use eyeshadow and a brush to draw a thin strip of linear along top lashes. It will open up your eyes. If your eyes are smal, avoid lining lower lashes and don't use pencil or liquid liners: They're dark and heavy, so they'll lose up your eyes, making them squinty.

5. Take it off

Use premoistened eye makeup-remover pads that contzin vitamin e or aloe to erase eyeliner. They are the easiest to use to take off all liners -even the waterproof ones-and they will help moisturise the skin around your eyes so it doesn't dry out or get flaky.

Soft, smoky,'big-eyes' look

A: For years,eyeliner had been banished from dressing tables beacuse of its harsh appearence. Now it's back and so on is the smoky eye. Apply a thin line from the inner to the outer corner of your upper lid.

After it dries, run a soft tip pencil of the same color as the liner over the line you have drawn. Finally, run a damp cotton bud over the line. Your smudged smoky effect! Never use a black liner, navy or dark grey would be a better bet.

Special effect with liner for smoky big eyes

Experiment with two different shades of eye liner. Run a pencil of a light grey, brownish red (according to the color of your dress) on the lower eyelashes first, especially the outer corner of the eye.

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