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How to use a Eyeliner

Choose the color you like-black to soft grey or shimmery silver or golden. Liquid eye liners which will give a well defined line are back in fashion.

If you like a well defined line on the lids, go in for liquid eye liners.You need practice and steady line to get a smooth line. However, the unsteady line may be corrected with the help of a damp cotton bud. Eye writers are available which are as simple as using a pencil. These help you to line the eye lids neatly.

The correct way to use an eye liner is outside the eye, just along the lash line with absolutely no gap .Line the upper lash line by running the pencil over the upper lashes leaving the inside corner of the eyes. In the same way run the pencil over the lower lashes, keeping the length which suits you. Lower your eyelids to see that no space (skin) shows below the line.

To apply the liner, always start from the middle of the eye to the outer corner and then starting at the inner corner; draw a line to join the line in the middle. Eye liner applied this way will come out neatly and will stay dark and true for longer.

The soft, smudged look also looks good on some people. It depends on the individual liking. For such a look, line the eyes with a pencil and then blend the pencil very well with a brush to get the soft smudged look

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Tip: To make the eyes look bigger, layer faint liquid eyeliner in black over black eye pencil on the lower eye lashes

Length of upper eyeliner

The eye liner may be applied up to different lengths. There is no hard and fast rule as to what suits a certain set of eyes. All you can do is to try and experiment till you find out what suits your eye.

Different eyeliner applications

Close-Set Eyes: Line outer third of upper lids with gray,brown, or black liner. Smudge gently. Use a lighter liner on the inner eye to widen the space between eyes.

Small Eyes: Draw a dark line gradually thickening at outer edge of the eye. Use a light-colored pencil (gold, silver, white) and draw under lower lash.

Deep-Set Eyes:
Line upper lash line with pale, shimmery liner. Then line outer edge of lower lash with a soft, neutral shade (gray or taupe). This will create the illusion of a less heavy lid.

Drooping Eyes:
Line outer third of eye very close to lashes, carefully sweeping the liner up at the corner of the eye

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