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Eyebrow Plucking Tips
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When to Pluck eyebrows

Pluck your eyebrows when your pores are open. This is either after a shower or after you have applied a hot face cloth to your skin for a few minutes.

Remember for plucking eyebrows The best time to pluck your eyebrows are after you get out of the shower. The pores are still open and it doesn't sting quite as much.

Which tweezer to use for plucking eyebrows

Choose a tweezer with a fairly sharp, pointy head and make sure that it pinches closed tightly. Get a pair of tweezers that can firmly grip the hair and won't be slipping every time you start to pluck. Without a tight grip, the tweezer will never be very effective grabbing unwanted hair.

Thin Tip Tweezer : Good for grasping small, fine hairs, and plucking ingrown hair.

Slanted Tip Tweezer: Gives maximum control.

Square Tip Tweezer: Best used for removing coarse hairs or several hairs at a time.

General tips on eyebrow plucking

1. Do not overstate the shape of the brow; minimal brow alteration is best.

2. Do not pluck brows into a thin line thinking it will make your eyes look larger. It can look dated or give the face a surprised look and this shape is not easy to correct once the damage is done.

3. Never pluck above the brow: Avoid over-tweezing above the brow. A few stray hairs are fine to remove, but too much and it can create an unnatural look.

Those hairs will grow back thicker and more frequently and that will be messier and a bigger hassle than if you left them alone in the first place.

4. Don't pluck after you've applied lotion to your face. The skin and the brow will be very porous and a slick brow does not make for controlled tweezing. You may end up removing more hairs than you intended because the hairs clump together.

5. Be careful to pull the hair, not the skin when tweezing. While its easy to accidentally grab the skin, doing so may result in redness or bleeding. If redness does occur, rinse your face with cold water and apply a cold eye mask to soothe the flushed skin.

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