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Eye Pain and Strain
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When the muscles work together but inefficiently then Eye Strain develops. Along with eyestrain, diplopia that is double vision and fatigue may also occur. In case of eyestrain, the eyes usually work together but poorly. It has been known that people suffering from strabismus does not show any symptoms of eyestrain.

Causes of Eye Pain and Strain :

(a) Convergence insufficiency:

This is the most common eye muscles disorder. It is present in near about 4% of the population. It is characterized by an inability of an individual to converge or look close for long periods of time.

Commonly the patient has a tendency for one of the eyes to drift outward while reading or doing close work. Sometimes the eye actually drifts with resultant double vision. The effect to keep the eyes working together results in eye strain, fatigue car sickness, headaches, double vision, blur, loss of concentration, etc.

(b) Divergence Insufficiency:

It is a very rare eye muscle problem in which there is a tendency for the eyes to turn inward at distance. It is a toughest case and it is very has to teach divergence, that is turning out of the eyes.

(c) Convergence excess: In some cases the eyes have a tendency of point too close at near objects, that is, those are over coverage.

(d) Divergence excess: -

It is the tendency for the eyes to turn outward at a distance. It rarely causes eyestrain but usually it breaks into a strabismus.

e) Esophoria: Eyes tend to over converge at distance is not too large then vision therapy is effective but if too large of a tendency to turn then surgery may supplement therapy.

(f) Exophoria:

In this case the eyes tend to under coverage at distance and near.

(g) Accommodative Inertia:

There is inability or changes in accommodation. Patient complains of the blur upon looking up or more commonly blur when looking from far to near. It is the first sign of myopia.

(h) Accommodative Insufficiency:

It is defined as an inability to sustain focusing or accommodation. Patient complains of eyestrain at near after reading or doing close work.

(i) Hyperphoria:

It is the tendency for the eyes to turn upwards. Sometimes, child is born with this problem. But symptoms do not occur until high school or later.

Treatment for Eye Pain and Strain

In a few cases, the glasses will work to relieve eyestrain but in the majority of cases they will not work.

It is because the glasses improve the clarity of an image and most of the eyestrain muscles problems have little to do with the clarity. Hence, glasses are for seeing problems and exercises are for muscle problems. Exercises or vision therapy is the best to eliminate the problem. It is especially designed to develop the appropriate reflex and hence helps in eliminating the effort used while reading or performing computer work.

Person can do exercises lime Pencil pushups, computerized home therapy programs, and intensive structured office and home based therapy. Generally, the pencil pushups is analogues to jogging, home therapy to a gym and office based therapy to gym with a person’s own personnel trainer. Pushups will work for a few while office based therapy almost always works when done with re-enforcing home therapy.


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