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Eye makeup

Should I apply the kajal first or the mascara, or should it be the eye shadow first or the eyeliner? Eye make Up is quite tricky and should be done with a great care. Powder your eyes lids, eye lashes, in fact your entire eye area with translucent powder before make up.

Eye Shadow
Eye liner
Shaping eye brows
Colors that suit your eye

Eye makeup (eyeliner, eyeshadow,kajal and mascara) is arguably the most fun type of makeup. With a quick sweep of a sponge-tipped applicator or cute little brush, you can go from girl-next-door innocent to positively trampy. Here's a handy little chart to help you figure out what colors would best suit your eye color:

Shades of slate blue, gray, and plum will help brown eyes stand out.

Green eyes: Shades of pink, salmon, mauve, and brownish-pink will help green eyes look even greener.

Blue eyes: Shades of brown, camel, and taupe will help blue eyes appear even bluer.


Makeup according to the shape of your eye
Close set eyes

Apply eye shadow to the upper eyelids, blending the shadow upwards and outwards towards the outer corner of the eyes. Continue to blend until the shadow is considerably fainter in the area of the nose and the eye and somewhat darker at the outer corner. Line the eyes, leaving the inner corner of the eyes. Increase the distance between the eyebrows by removing hair in-between to make them appear wider apart.

Deep set eyes :

Use a lighter shade of foundation immediately above the socket area of the upper eyelids and blend well. Do not use eye shadow as the sunken effect will increase instead of decreasing.

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