Eye Health Care
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Of all the sense organs , the eye is the most vital. Without sight ,all the wordly gains and material achievements are of little use; the life becomes burdensome and meaningless. Eyes are invaluable.

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Home made recepies for eyes

1) Grate half cucumber, strain it and keep in the fridge to cool. Take two pieces of cotton wool dipped in rose water and the cold cucumber juice and then place these on your eyea atleast once a day. You should lie down and relax .

Appart from relaxing, cucumber juice will lighten the dark circles around the eyes, especially when combined with lemon juice or lanolin cream.

2) Prepare black tea( do not put milk) and allow it to cool. Soak cotton gauze in cold tea and use as eye pads.

3) Crush mint and apply around eyes. This will take away the darkness around the eyes.

4) Dip cottonwool in the solution of witch-hazel and use as eye pads. This is very effective in reducing puffness of eyes

Yet, what do we do to keep our eyes healthy and to mantain good vision? We do almost nothing. Most of us do not even realise that something can be done for the eyes.

Indeed, we have entrusted the work of eye care to the Almighty. If at all something wrong hapens to the eyes or sight, we curse the fate, little realising that it is the result of our own carelessness and qapathy.

We save for the rainy day. We insure our life against disasterts. We carelessly try to obtain a good house to live in. But we do nothing to procure a good body, in which god resides. We acnnot hope for good eyes without good health. 'Good eyes in a good body' is an apt idiom.

The advent of modern civilazation has necessitated the exaction of various types of work fromm our eyes. The eyes are excessively taxed. Our reading and writing activities continue unabated even during the late hours. Such incessant reading or writing deprives the eyes of their legitimate rest and relaxation. It strains our delicate eyes.Advertisements have led some peopleto resort to the use of certain eye-drops or ointments. But it would be too much to expect anything really worthwhile of such drops. We should pay attension to the correct ways of using our eyes and develop such habits as would mantain the eye-health.

It is true that eyes are meant for seeing. But their excessive use must be stopped. At the same time. we should learn the methods to keep eyes and the body strong and healthy. without good health, one cannot hpe for good eyes.

Remember that roots of eye troubles like cataract, glaucoma, retinal diseases etc are found in ill health. If one wants to stay away from such troubles, one should care for one's body. Good health depends on the right diet and vigorous exercise. one should continuously strive to mantain the powers of the digestive system at the peak level. If the body along with the eyes is cared for, one can hope for perfect eyesight even in old age

Eye Exercises

1) Fold your arms with your hands under the arm pits and stand in a relaxed manner. Take your shoulders back in a circular motion and resume the earlier position

2) Touch the underside of the neck with your chin and then move your head as far back as you can. Move your head in a circular motion so that it touches first the right and then the left shoulder. Then move in the reverse direction touching first the left and then the right shoulder.

3) Move your head from side to side without moving your body. Keep the head stationary and then move youe eyes upward and then downwards. Move your eyes left and right. Repeat this process half a dozen times.

4) Concentrate your gaze on your index finger extended outward and try to view a distant object across it just as you are taking aim. Repeat it twenty times.

5) Stand with your feet one foot from each other. Close your eyes and move your body from right to left. This should be done as you face the early morning sun. Sprinkle cold water over your eyes and then dry them with a soft piece of cloth.

6) Put your palms on your eyes. Sit with your elbows on your knees and palms on your closed eyes. Do it softly so that no pressure is exercised on the eye balls. All these exercises should be done while your body is completely relaxed and your mind free from worries or thoughts of things that you have to do during the day.It will make your eyes healthier and more beautiful.

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