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Information on Exercise for Strengthening Eyes
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1) Circular movements of the eyes :

This exercise is a combination of the previous four sets of exercise. Keeping the head steady, move the eyes in circles with the help of the index finger. Looking continuously at the tip of the index finger, move the hand in circles around the face. Complete three clockwise circles. Then complete three anticlockwise circles. In similar fashion complete three-three more circles either way.


For the first two days limit the number of repetitions to twelve. Increase the number of the repetitions to sixteen for the next two days. Then continue with twenty repetitions (not more). After completing all the five sets of exercises, perform a hundred-count palming.

(2) Neck Movements :

(A) Bending the head forward and backward: At first bend the head forward. Press the chin to the throat. Look at the first button of the shirt for three counts. Then bend the head backwards as much as possible and look behind for three counts. Repeat this exercise twelve times, 6-6 times each side. Take rest for twenty counts and perform the following exercises.

(a) Right and left turning of the head :

Turn the head to the right as much as possible. Look backwards as far as possible. Wait for three counts. Then gently turn the head to the left. Look backwards as far as possible. Wait for three counts. Repeat this exercise twelve times, 6-6 times each side. Rest for twenty counts and then begin the following third exercise.

b) Bending the head to the right and left shoulders :

Bend the head towards the right shoulder. Look at the ceiling above for three counts. Then shift the sight downwards towards the floor near the foot and count up to three. Then bend the head towards the left shoulder and look at the ceiling above for three counts. Repeat this exercise twelve times. Then take rest for twenty counts and begin the next exercise.

c) Rotating the head :

This exercise is a combination of the three exercises described above. In this exercise, the head is to be moved in circles. Start with the head bent fully forward. Keeping it bent forward, turn it so as to reach the right shoulder. From there, take the head fully backward and move it in an arc to reach the left shoulder. From there, bend it forward again, to reach the starting position.

Complete three such anticlockwise circles. Then move the head in three clockwise circles in similar fashion. Thus altogether move the head in twelve circles. During this exercise keep on shifting the sight so as to look in the direction of the head.

After completing these exercises perform a hundred count palming.

Note: Perform these exercises sixteen times after two days. Increase the repetitions to twenty (not more) after next two days.

(3) Alternately looking at near and distant objects :

Hold your finger about and inch away from your nose tip. Look at the finger-tip and count three. Shift the gaze to a pre-determined very distant object. Looking at that object, count three again. Repeat the process thirty times. Every fourth day, increase the number of repetitions by ten to reach a maximum number of sixty. Follow up with a hundred-count palming.


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