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Information on Electric and Reflex Therapy
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Various attempts have been made to use of energies like light, magnets, etc. to the advantage of mankind. Electric Energy is a such form of energy which has made the life of man much more easier.

But in order to use it on the human body that is the skin, one must have the thorough knowledge of the important currents that can be used and their various effects.

Procedure for Electric Therapy

It has been known that the galvanic current has opposite poles that are positive and negative. Positive pole is called the Anode and the negative pole is called cathode. This property of current can be utilized to produce the contradictory reaction in the human body.

The acidic reaction developed at the positive pole helps in the process of soothing of nerves, decreases in blood supply and hardening of tissues. Contradictory to this the alkaline reaction at the negative pole leads to increased of blood supply and softening of tissues and irritation of nerves.

After completing a facial treatment the positive pole (anode) can be used to close skin pores, make to close skin pores, make flabby skin and tissues firmer, to decrease redness as in milk acne, to prohibit inflammation and also to force astringent lotions into the skin.

The negative pole can be used to force bleaching solution into the skin, to stimulate the circulation and nutrition of dry, pole skin and scalp and to remove superfluous hair by electrolysis, etc. Faradic current is and alternative and interrupted current.

It produces a mechanical reaction without any chemical effect. On application to the human body it helps in muscle toning and improves the blood circulation. It increases glandular activity and also stimulates the hair growth.

Utmost precaution must be taken in specific cases of pain, high blood pressure, broken capillaries or a pustular condition of the skin. The original use of electricity as a cure for insanity dates as a cure for insanity dates back to the beginning of the 16 th century when electric fish were used to treat headaches. It is generally used in several depressed patients for whom psychotherapy and medication are proving ineffective.

Reflex Therapy is an old fold method of healing. Reflex therapy is the practice of relaxing the body by means of massaging the feet. The principle behind Reflex therapy is that various parts of the feet are in communication with various parts of the body.

Thus each organ of the body has reflex position in the foot. The tips of the toes are in communication with the top of the head. The insides of the feet are in communication with the spine. As one moves to the outside of the feet, so one moves to the outside of the body.

When one massages part of another person’s foot, they are also massaging another part of the body, without touching it. There is one another important principle to keep in mind. To deal with any injury, one must communicate, through it, from the brain to somewhere on the other side.

Thus if someone has a bad elbow, then one must concentrate on say massaging the hand. By massaging the hands, the person one is helping can feel through the injured elbow to the other side.

It is this communication through the injured area, which does the healing. Except for feet, person should always massage away from the brain, as this relaxes. It has been noted that massaging towards the brain has the opposite effect

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