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Ear Ache
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Earache is a common problem in our daily lives. It is especially noted in case of children.

Causes of Ear Ache

Earache can be anything from slightly painful to extremely painful condition. It may result due to some sort of infection or due to build up of pressure in the middle ear. The most common cause of the earache is due to plugged ‘Eustachian’ tubes.

The Eustachian tube is tube in the ear, which comes from the back of the throat and gets connected to the middle ear. It has been noted that when the Eustachian tube becomes blocked then the fluid gets gathered and finally resulting in a painful earache. Along with this, there is the possibility of bacteria build up or the infection.

Hence, the main cause of the earache is the infection of the middle ear. Persons who have build up wax or fluid may also suffer from pain in the ear. Person who suffers from may also develop earache. Allergic sufferers are too much prone to earache. Persons who are having sinus infection may also develop pain in the ear.

If there is something stuck in the ear, then also pain may arise. It anybody has teeth problems; in them also ear pain may start. Moreover, ear injuries are the common cause of earaches. It has been noted that the changes in air pressure in a plane that is during ascending or descending using starts the earache.

Prevention and Treatment of Ear Ache

First of all, the person should stop putting things into the ears such as cotton swabs, bobby pins, fingers, etc. This can lead to the permanent damage to the eardrum in and increases the changes of something getting stuck in the ear.

Person should take care that while blowing the nose, he/she should do it gently and particularly one nostril at a time. An individual should avoid smoking, as such as possible, in order to prevent earache. It is because the smoking increases the risk of infection in the ear.

During swarming, person should take care that he/she must wear earplugs. They should not at all swim in dirty waters. The water should be completely clean.

If earaches suffer is an adult then in order to get relief he may try applying a warm washcloth. He can also try a cold therapy method by applying a cold compress or ice bath onto the ear for twenty minutes. But there is necessity for a person to take pain relievers (or analgesics) like acetaminophen, aspirin, ibuprofen, etc. These drugs help to reduce pain and inflammation.

If a person has blocked Eustachian tubes, then in order to open them and keep them properly drained, following steps should be taken:

Person should sleep with head probed up. They should use chewing gum particularly when there is pressure when there is a pressure change like during traveling in plane. Person should also stay awake during the ascending or descending of plane travel. It is because during this time the eardrums plug up and cause pain. Person should try yawning in order to contract the muscle that tubes.

Person should take decongestant he suffers from cold. Person also takes a hot shower. This will help the steam to form, which will break up and soften earwax, which has been build up. Exercise like gently blowing through the nose while holding both nostrils closed until we hear a pop. It helps promoting ear drainage and it can be done several times a day.

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