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Dry Eyes
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Dry Eyes is a condition in which there is lack of sufficient lubrication and moisture in the eye. It is a chronic condition. It’s ill effects may result from continuous irritation to ocular inflammation of the anterior tissues of the eye.

Causes of dry eyes

Tears normally bathe the eye and wash out any dust or debris from the eye. Thus they helps in keeping the eye moist. Tears also contains enzymes which helps in neutralization of the microorganisms which generally lives in the eyes. Hence, we can say that the tears are very important for good eye health.

In case of dry eyes, the person’s eye does not produce enough tears. Moreover, the tears also have such a chemical composition due to which they evaporate very quickly. Dry eyes may occur as a part of natural aging process, especially during menopause. It may also occur as a side effect of certain medications such as antihistamines, antidepressants, certain blood pressure medicines, and birth control ills, etc.

Dry Eyes are also a symptom of systemic disease such as Rosacea or Sjogren’s syndrome long term contact lens wear is another cause for dry eyes. In this case, the contact lenses are felt to be uncomfortable and thus the rubbing of the conjunctiva may cause dry eyes. Dry eyes are commonly seen in women, basically due to hormone fluctuations. Smoking also increases the risk of dry eyes.

Signs and symptoms of dry eyes

There may be persistent dryness, scratching and burning sensation in the eyes. In order to measure the amount of tears in the eyes, a thin strip of filter paper is placed at the edge of the eye and it is called a Schirmer test.

Few people may also experience a foreign body sensation. It is a feeling that there is something in the eye. Although, it may seen odd but sometimes watery eyes can result from dry eyes.

It is because the excessive dryness works to over stimulate production of the watery component of the eyes that is tears.

Treatment of dry eyes

Artificial tears may be adviced for dry eyes patients which are infact lubricating eye drops that get the red out to treat their dry eyes.

These drops can reduce the redness temporarily, but they don’t treat the cause of redness that is whether it is due to dryness or environmental irritation or, some other problem

There may also be insertion of Temporary or permanent silicone plugs in the lacrimal ducts which prevents the tears in the eye from draining away. They are also known as lacrimal plugs and can be inserted painlessly. But in certain cases, the tear ducts needed to be closed surgically. There are sometimes nutritional supplements also recommended fro dry eyes patients.

The supplements contain certain essential fatty acids which decreases the dryness of the eyes. It medications are the cause of dry eyes, then generally discontinuation of the drug solves the problem of dry eyes. If contact lens wear is the cause of dry eyes, then the patient must switch to a different lens or should wear the lenses for few hours each day.

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