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What is Diversity?
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Diversity is defined as the presence of a wide range of variation in qualities. In social context the term diversity refers to the presence in one population of a wide variety of cultures, opinions, ethnic groups socio-economic backgrounds, etc.

All the international level, diversity refers to the existence of many peoples contributing their unique experiences to humanity’s culture. The preservation of our planet’s formidable linguistic and cultured diversity in the context of world wide economic integration in the object of great concern to many people in the wake of the 21 st century.

If is often used in conjunction with the term tolerance in political creeds, which support the idea, that such diversity is valuable and desirable. Critics of diversity claim that in the political arena, diversity is a code word for forcing people to tolerate or approve people.

Critics also point out that diversity programs in the educations and business often emphasize minority groups, for eg: homosex equal time to non-minority groups, that is heterosexuals. They claim that pluralism is a more accurate term for presence of variation and that under the banner of “diversity” groups actually forbid criticism of protected groups by restricting what they call hates speech.

Respect fro diversity is one of the six diversity is one of the six principles of the Global Green Charter, a manifesto go Greens parties from all over the world. Diversity describes the structure of ecological communities. This does not only involve the number of species, but also the number of individuals of each spices. Several Diversity indices have been established

In a business context, diversity is approached as a strategy for improving employee retention and increasing consumer confidence. The business case for diversity”, at it is often phrased, is that in global and diverse marketplace.

Business diversity consultants and diversity trainers often treat the social consequences of diversity as secondary. This primary focus is to enable the company to function in a heterogeneous.

Biological diversity is reflected in the range of species found in local and global environments, and by subtle variations in characteristics found within individual species. In this unit, students learn that diversity is maintained through natural process of sexual and asexual reproduction, though the survival of individual species and variations with him those species may be influenced by ecological and human-caused factors.

For the multitude of plants, animals and insects, there is no reason to believe that logging or the many forms of natural disturbance result in a net loss of genetic diversity. For the tree and other plants there are nearly always some seed or seedlings ready the old forest.

There contain the genetic material of their parents. There is a notion among some environmentalists that when native forests are cut and replaced by tree seedlings grown in nurseries that there is a loss of genetic diversity in the newly planted forest.

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