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Diets for Healthy Skin
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We'd all love to possess a radiant glowing skin, thick lustrous hair, beauty nails and sparkling eyes. The food that we eat is of utmost importance to achieve this goal.

  • First step for a glowing skin is to consume atleast 8-10 glasses of water daily.
    Replace refined flour with whole grains as during the refining process

  • A balanced diet of protiens, carbohydrates and fat with the required amount of minerals and vitamins is essential for good and healthy looks.


The protiens are needed for repair of body tissues. The skin and hair needs enough protien and the deficiency causes dull and dry skin scalp. Vegetarians specially need to plan their diets carefuly to include protien rich foods as soya beans, sprouts, cheese, paneer, milk, grains, peas and beans (rajmah) .Freshly made paneer from toned milk is an excellent source of protein for the vegetarians.

Sprouted moong and kala channas are enormously rich in nutrition as both the vitamin B and C content increases as much as 40% during sprouting. Dalia for breakfast is another good way of meeting the protein requirements. If porridge sounds to drab, make it interesting by adding the fruit of your choice to it. Include yoghurt (dhi) in your meals. This dairy product contains bacteria which keeps the intestines clean, giving a healthy glow to your skin


Sugar is one of those carbohydrates rich foods which has no value. On the contrary, it can cause acne, poor circulatin and obesity. So instead of sugar, add brown sugar or honey to your diet. Both help purifying blood and cleanse the body of toxins.

Other refined carbohydrares like cause the problem are white flour (maida) and white bread in which the nutrients such as vitaminds and fibre get removed during refining. These thus largely provide empty calories.


You need very little fat, but a little is necessary for good circulation and supple and soft skin.

Vitamins - Fresh fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins, the deficiency of which causes lusterless hair and dull complexion.

Vitamin A: Is very important for overall health and beauty of your body. It encourages bright, healthy eyes, contributes to hair growth and discourages dandruff, keeps your skin healthy and prevents acne and also makes nails strong. A deficiency of vitamin A causes rough scaly skin, brittle nails and inflamed eye lid.

Sources: Pineapple, mango, strawberries, carrots, spinach, tomatoes, green leafy vegetables, milk, cream, cheese, butter ,yoghurt, chicken and fish.

Vitamin B -A shortfall in vitamin B causes acne, excessive weight, dandruff, falling hair, and malfunctioning of the digestive system.

Sources- Meat, liver, fish, poultry, lentils, cabbage, peas, beans, potatoes, coconut milk,tomato, orange, bran, oatmeal, rye, almonds, nuts, peanuts.

Vitamin C -Inadequare quantities of vitamin C causes skin eruptions. If taken in sufficient amounts,this vitamin cures health problems, helps reduce weight, and encourages healthy bones, gums and body tissue.

Sources -Tomatoes,potatoes,carrot,turnips,cabbage,lemon,grapes,bananas,mangoes,amlas

Vitamin D-Adequate supply help of vitamin D prevents premature ageing. The deficiency of this vitamin can cause rickets, acne and brittle bones.

Sources: Cod liver oil, milk, cheese, yoghurt, eggs.

Vitamin E - Besides helping cure hair problems, vitamin E aids fertility and prevents premature ageing.

Sources-Eggs,vegetable oils,peanut and wheatgerm oil,margarine.

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