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Dentistry is a philosophy that recognize that the teeth and associated structures are a part of the whole. Any disease or treatment that takes place in or around the mouth has the potential for adversely or positively impacting the entire body.

This new necessitates a more careful evaluation of how oral infection is treated and the restorative dental materials that are placed in the mouth. The mouth is the beginning of the body’s digestive system.

Diet, absorption of nutrients and food allergies play a vital role in dental health and overall health. Improper alignment and pain in the spine, lower back pain and chronic head and neck pain will often have its origins in the mouth.

The neuromuscular treatment approach used has been a vital tool when the person is trying to restore mouths to a healthy condition. As we people, continue to gain more knowledge the human body, it becomes evident that the mouth cannot be ignored.

Facts about mercury fillings

Mercury containing amalgam fillings are still the most common restorations placed in patient’s mouths to restore decayed teeth. Amalgam filling materials has been in the for 150 years.

Amalgam fillings contain over 50% mercury, a heavy metal toxin. Amalgam have the capability of becoming miniature batteries when placed in the wet, acid environment of the mouth. These electrical currents produce movement and release of toxic metal ions from the filling.

Mercury can be released from fillings in the form of mercury vapour, which has the ability to penetrate cell membranes and pass rapidly from the blood into body tissues.

In October 1998 the FDA ruled that mercury and any products that contain mercury components are to be eliminated from products sold over the counter. It is not known that how dental mercury is different from other mercury and escaped this ruling.

By having, the knowledge of dentistry, the dentist helps in prevention of various disease of teeth and other supporting structures. Dentistry involves various branches like Orthodotics, Oral Surgery, Prosthodontics, Endodontics, etc

In older days, the dentistry was not so advanced. There was no development of latest modern technology. Like nowadays, tooth coloured filling materials are available which under laser light gets cured and have very good strength.

Earlier, the knowledge of dentistry was not wide spread. People were not aware of the need of taking proper care of their teeth. Especially, in the rural areas, people were not at all aware of maintaining the proper hygienic conditions. The knowledge of dentistry, has nowadays reached almost every nook and corner of world.

People want to save their teeth, like any other vital organ of the body. People use to have nutritional supplements and good diet in order to have the best natural teeth. Because, if we don’t take care of out teeth, then they becomes necessary to be extracted.

Though it is very right that they can be replaced with artificial teeth, stands no where as comparative to natural teeth. God gifted teeth are best and they are needed to be taken proper care.


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