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Role of a dentist

Dentist is the one, who takes care of the natural teeth of human beings and in case of missing natural teeth, they get it artificially replaced. Dentist is a qualified doctor having BDS degree, that is Bachelor of dental surgeon.

They can also be specialized in any particular field of dentistry by getting Master’s degree in any specific dental subjects. After getting proper degree qualification only, the dentist gets licensure to work in a particular country.

First of all, dentist work in his clinic or doing a job, is needed to be very patience. Dentist make aware the people of common community, regarding the necessary to take care of their teeth.

They guard the people how to do proper brushing of their teeth with proper technique. They guide them to brush their teeth gently, at least 20 rotatory stokes on each side. Person just needs 2-3 minutes for the proper cleansing of teeth.

If the food is unable to clear off from the inter proximal areas, then the dentists advice them to use floss, which is a plastic wire and it does not hurt the gums lying in that region. Moreover, the floss is moved in vertical, up and down movement and thus clearing off the debris.

Dentist, especially is very beneficial for the children. They handle the children very carefully and politely and motivate them to follow the dental care instructions properly, that is proper tooth brushing and avoidance of sweets, candies, chocolates and sticky junk food to the teeth like pizza’s .

Nowadays, certain flavoured toothpastes have come in the market by the name of kiddodent. It is strawberry flavoured and children love it too much and hence never forgets to brush the teeth, at least twice a day, that is once in the morning after breakfast and once after dinner, before going to bed.

But in cases, if the children teeth gets entrapped with carious lesions, then they clean then, give proper filling material into it and advice the children to use fluoride tablets or fluoride containing mouthwashes, in order to prevent the further development of cavities.

Dentist, helps in maintaining the normal healthy gums in individuals. They advice the people to keep their teeth and gums clean from the accumulation of bacterial plaque and to do regular massage of their gums with certain gumpaints containing tannic acid and baking soda which also prevents the bleeding gums.

Dentist advice the use of chlorherxidine containing Mouthwashes like Listerine, Rexidin, Emoform, Cloex Plus, etc. in order to maintain the good hygienic conditions of the oral cavity. They are advised to rinse at least twice a day with there mouthwashes.

But if the preventive measured are not followed up, then the dentist fills up the cavitatory lesions, otherwise, if not possible then extraction of the tooth or Root Canal Therapy, becomes the ultimate choice.

Specialized Dentist like Orthodontists, performs the process of straightening of malaligned teeth. Periodontists, performs, the periodontal surgeries like flap surgery of gums and oral Surgeons do tough extractions like surgery of impacted tooth. Moreover, nowadays Cosmetic Dentist work has also been appreciated and is in demand a lot.


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