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Information on Dental Schools
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Dental Schools are the institute where the students are given the knowledge of dentistry. There are various dental subjects which are taught there are along with that a good practical hand exposure is also provided there, firstly is dental laboratory and later on in dental OPD’s. (Out patient departments).

There is minimum qualification necessary to get admission in the Dental Schools. Like in India, the student should be passed with at least 50% in 10+2 with medical subjects. But if in foreign country like United united States, one should require atleast 83% (It is percentile, not the percentage)

Dental Schools mainly deals with four year studying program. Like in India, the exams are held yearly. After completion of four years study program one year complete rotatory internship in must for the students to become full fledged dentists.

Here they work on patients and give them proper treatment, under the supervision of senior dentists. In each department of Dental School’s OPD, there is one senior most, head of the department, who is specialized in that particular field. After completion of internship, the students are given the bachelor of dental surgeon’s degree and to work in that country.

In first year of dental’s schools, students are taught about the basic human body, that is regarding and the basics of Dentist try that is the Dental Materials. While in second year the knowledge is given regarding General Pathology, Pharmacology (related to study of drugs and Dental Anatomy (Study of the morphology of teeth), While in the third year the subjects come out to be General Surgery, Medicine and Oral Pathology.

The fourth year of study in a dental school is the most important and in this year the diverse branches of dentistry are taught like-Periodontics (study of gums), Orthdontics (study of correction of malalignment of teeth (Oral Surgery (study of extraction of teeth), Pedodontics, (study of making cavities in the teeth in order to get removed the bacterial carious lesion and finally filling it with suitable restorative materials), and last but not the least Prosthodontics.

Prosthodontics is further divided into three types, that is complete Denture Prosthodontics, Fixed partial denture prosthodontics and Removable partial denture prosthodontics. Prosthondontics mainly deals with the replacement of missing natural teeth with the artificial teeth.

It helps in maintaining esthetic of edentulous or partially edentulous patients and helps in proper mastication. Their artificial dentures help in maintaining the appearance of face good and even they helps in phonation, that is speaking properly.

After passing from the dental, schools, getting the bachelor’s degree, the students can go for further Master’s degree in any Masters degree is of three years. If a foreign trained dentist wants to work in the United States, then they have to clear NDEB Exam (National Dental Examination Board) and they have to do advanced Standing programs like DDS or DMD for at least 2 years.




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