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Dental Implant
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The goal of modern dentistry is to restore the patient to normal contour, function, comfort, aesthetics, speech and health, regardless of the atrophy, disease, or injury of the somotognathic system.

However, the more teeth a patient is missing, the more arduous this goal becomes with traditional dentistry. As a result of continued research in treatment planning, implant designs, materials and techniques, predictable success is now a reality for the rehabilitation of many challenging clinical situations.

The increased need and use of implant-related treatments result from the combined effect of a number of factors, including ageing population, tooth loss related to age, anatomic consequences of edentulism, poor performance of removable prosthesis , psycologic aspects of tooth loss, predictable long-term results of implant supported prostheses and advantages of implant supported prosthesis.

Advantages of Dental Implant

A primary reason to consider dental implants to replace missing teeth is the maintenance of alveolar bone. The dental implant placed into the bone serves not as an anchor for the prosthetic device, but also as one of the better preventive maintenance procedures in dentistry.

Stress and strain may be applied to the bone surrounding the implant. As a result, the decrease in trabeculation of bone that occurs after tooth extraction is severed. There is an increase in bone trabeculae and density when the dental implant is inserted and functioning. The overall volume of bone is also maintained with a dental implant.

Success of Dental Implant

The success rate of implant prostheses varies, depending on a host of factors that change for each patient. However, compared with traditional methods of tooth replacement, the implant prosthesis offers increased longevity, improved function, bone preservation and better psychologic results.

In the partially edentulous patient, independent toothy replacement with implants may preserve intact adjacent natural teeth as abutments, further limiting complications such as decay or porcelain facture and poor aesthetics, which are the most common causes of fixed prostheses failure.

A major advantage of the implant-supported prostheses is that the abutments cannot decay. The stability and retention of an implant-supported prosthesis are great improvements over soft tissue born dentures. Mechanical means of implant retention are far superior to the soft tissue retention provided by dentures or adhesives, and cause fewer associated problems.

The implant support of the final prosthesis is variable, depending on the number and position of implants; yet all treatment options demonstrate significant improvement.

Treatment Planning for Dental Implants

Osseo integrated implant surgery is a treatment option available for any patient, regardless of the sex or age. The exceptions for this treatment are patients with chronic,Uncontrollable diseases or abnormalities of mucosal membranes and jawbones. Osseo integrated implant treatment is ideal for patients unable to wear complete dentures and have adequate bone for insertion of fixtures. The surgery consists of five steps which are listed as follows:-

  • Surgical excision of gingival and mucoperiosteal flap reflection.

  • Drilling and countersinking procedures.

  • Tapping procedures

  • Fixture installation and cover screw placement.

  • Soft tissue re-adaptation and suture procedures.

During, surgical procedure, the drilling is done using five different are done under copious saline irrigation to reduce the potential for thermal damage to the bone.

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