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Dental Hygiene
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Dental hygienist is a person who helps in maintenance of normal hygienic conditions in the oral cavity. Dental hygienist works under general supervision of a qualified supervision of a qualified dentist in an ambulatory care setting.

Dental Hygiene Jobs

Dental hygienist assesses the dental condition and needs of patient. He/she uses the patient screening procedures to include medical history review. Dental hygienist do dental charting and perio charting. He/she notices the patients vital hygienist delivers direct patient care to patients as assigned.

They perform established dental hygienist procedures like cleaning of the teeth, polishing them, etc. They also take X-rays of teeth. They also perform preventive procedures like application of sealants and fluorides, which are done to prevent caries.

Dental hygienist’s other important role is that they develops and implements individualized dental care plans for patients. They educate the patient regarding the need of maintaining good oral hygiene.

They also do discharge planning. Dental hygienists also perform patient/family teaching under the supervision of a qualified dentist. Dental hygienist also provide chairside, assistance to dentist in the performance of special tests, procedures and complex treatments. Dental hygienist makes impression of patient’s teeth for study casts.

They also history or chief complaint. They maintain the records and reports pertinent observations and patient reactions to dental staff, as appropriate; documents lab procedures and ensures follow up on results. Dental hygienist assists with or institutes emergency measures for sudden adverse developments during treatment of patients

Dental hygienist performs patient triage and initiates patient care as appropriate for walk-in patient care areas and in the patient admission, transfer and discharge process, as required. He/she assists as required with patient reception, telephone reception calls, routine triage and other office duties. Hence, we can say that the dental hygienist perform miscellaneous job-related duties as assigned.

Dental hygienist performs work in an interior medical/clinical environment. Dental hygienist’s work environment involves some exposure to hazards or physical risks, which require certain safety precaution as they have to work with blood or blood born pathogens.

Dental hygiene is very important to be maintained in the mouth. It is because if proper hygienic conditions are not maintained, then the accumulated bacterial plaque may lead to varies diseases in the teeth, as well as can lead to many systemic diseases.

In the teeth, there may be development of caries, periodontal problems like gingivitis, periodontis, periodontal pockets, gingival pockets, pericoronitis, periodontal abscesses, etc. Hence, the dental hygienist performs the proper cleaning of teeth and thus prevents the occurrence of various diseases.


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