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Dandruff - Treatment and Causes
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Causes of dandruff

Internal causes of dandruff

1. Hormonal imbalance

2. Allergic Hypersensitive

3. Lack of rest and fatigue

4. Improper nutrition and intake of fried foods and aerated drinks, fats, sugars, salts, choclates, sea food nad peanuts and lastly dairy products

5. Stress, anxiety and tension.

External causes of dandruff

1. Frequent use of hair sprays and gels

2. Use of mousse, hairspray and instruments such as heated hair straighteners

3. Infrequent shampooing of the hair or inadequate rinsing of the scalp can cause dandruff problems.

4. Cold weather and dry indoor heating.

5. Tight fitting hats and scarves.

6. Extreme weather, oily skin and use of lotions that contain alcohol may increase the chances of dandruff

Main cause of dandruff

The cause of dandruff is usually a fungus called Pityrosporum ovale (P. ovale) which is a naturally occurring yeast-like organism found on the scalp and other parts of human skin. The fungus is found most on skin areas with plenty of sebaceous glands: on the scalp, face and upper part of the body and gruadally P.ovale fungus tends to concentrate on the scalp where a large number of sebaceous glands can be found. These are the glands that produce your skin's natural oil, called sebum, which contributes to the growth of the P. ovale fungus.

As the fungus grows in size and numbers, it results in dandruff.

Treatment and cure for dandruff

1. A compound called selenium, found in several shampoo products, is highly effective in controlling dandruff.

2. Zinc - Zinc in the form of zinc pyrithione is also present in lot of anti-dandruff shampoos used for curing dandruff.

3. Zinc vitamin supplement taken daily is excellent for the skin and hair.

4. Dandruff can be also be due to nutritional deficiencies. So, we should have a balanced diet containing amounts of vitamins A, B6, B12, F and selenium in their diet.

5. Brush your hair regularly to loosen flakes and stimulate blood supply to the scalp. .

6. Regular washing will help to control the pH balance of the skin and limit the risk of dandruff

7. Nizorelle Dandruff Control Shampoos are very effective in curing dandruff

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