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(CMV) Cytomegalovirus is a very common virus. It infects most of the people worldwide. Infection from the Cytomegalovirus is harmless. There are very less chances of illness due to Cytomegalovirus. If the person has healthy immune system then he has less chances of developing Cytomegalovirus infection. But if the person’s immune system is too much weak then in that case, the virus can become active and lead to CMV disease.

Causes of Cytomegalovirus

Cytomegalovirus is found every where in the world. It is generally carried by the people. CMV is not at all associated with food, water or animals. Cytomegalovirus is a member of the herpesvirus family. Other members of the herpesvirus family causes chicken pox, fever blisters, genital herpes and infectious mononucleosis.

These all viruses share the ability to remain alive, but dormant, in the body for life. It has been noted that the first infection with Cytomegalovirus does not causes any symptoms. The virus usually continues to live in the body silently. It does not causes any particular damage or illeness.

There are very less chances of Cytomegalovirus to become active for the first time. Moreover, it rarely reactivates, that is causing illness again in the same person. But in some cases if the immune system weaken then it is no longer able to control the spread of infection due to Cytomegalovirus.

Signs and Symptoms of Cytomegalovirus

Any person can become infected with Cytomegalovirus.

Some people who are at increased risk for active infection are like –Babies who are born to women who have a first time Cytomegalovirus infection during pregnancy. It can also occur in pregnant women who work with infants and children.

Persons who have weakened immune system like AIDs patients, cancer patients who are an chemotherapy, etc may also develop CMV infection.

Active infection in adults and healthy children causes prolonged high fever, chills, severe tiredness, feeling of illness, headache and an enlarged spleen. Most of the infected newborns have no symptoms at birth but appear over the next several years.

These include mental problems, developmental problems, vision problems, hearing problems, etc. In a very few cases, the new born can have a life threatening infection at birth. These symptoms include lung problems, poor weight gain, swollen glands, rashes, liver problems, blood problems, etc.

People who have weakened immune system may have more serious, life threatening illnesses like fever, pneumonia, liver infection and anemia. Such illnesses can last for weeks or months and can be even fatal. In persons with HIV infection, that is suffering from AIDS, then in them Cytomegalovirus can infect the retina of the eye and hence causes blindness.

Treatment of Cytomegalovirus

Cytomegalovirus is uridespread in the community. The best way to prevent infection is to practice good personal hygiene. Person should wash hands usually with soak and warm water. He/she should avoid mouth contact with the body fluids of the young children. There is generally no specific treatment or cure for CMV infection. Anti-virus medicines can be helpful in treating Cytomegalovirus retinitis persons suffering from AIDS.


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