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Cosmetic Dentistry
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Cosmetic Dentist is the one who works for the attainment of beautiful, wonderful and amazing smiles of the person’s. Cosmetic Dentistry, has recently gained lots of importance because of the awareness among people of having natural, good healthy looking teeth.

Cosmetic dentist makes the teeth, which are badly stained or irregularly shaped, into a normal coloured, normal shaped teeth. They do so by placing a composite filling material’s layers onto it.

For example, if there is spacing in between the teeth, then cosmetic dentistry helps a lot and thus provides the space closure. Due to this, the person suffering from it, get rid of the feeling of self-consciousness. It boosts up personal confidence and provides a bollywood smile to them.

The composite material is added to the teeth without any reduction of tooth structure. For complete success of any diastema closure, many criteria must be met including (a) increased emergence profile with natural contours at the gingival tooth interface.

(b) a completely closed gingival embrasure with sub gingival margin should be smooth so floss will not catch or shred. First of all the pumice is applied to the tooth. Then the tooth surface is acid etched. After thoroughly rinsing the etching gel out of the tooth, adhesive should be placed.

An ideal consistency for the composite is a material that has a very that has a very flow. Once the increment is placed, condensing the material towards the apical and lingual borders of the space is done with light pressure. Then the light cure is done. After curing, the increment is checked. Hence, veneering is the major aspect of Cosmetic dentistry.

In general, the cosmetic dentistry also involves teeth whitening. Thus it gives a pearly white smile to certain persons and helps the people to follow their desired career. It is particularly helpful to patient’s suffering from irregular arrangement of natural teeth.

Hence, the cosmetic dentistry also gives crown and bridge treatment to certain patients. The cosmetic dentistry does not have any disadvantage. Nowadays, due to latest advancements Cosmetic dentist can design the smile on the computer screen and can show to the patient, what results will be achieved.

So before starting the treatment, patient comes to know how he will appear after the treatment. He/she gets inspired for the treatment by seeing its good results. Moreover, cosmetic is very much pleasing for the college going students.

Students, who have to appear in any interview or to perform any stage or to give any presentation, are very much concerned about their appearance. Hence, with the help of cosmetic dentistry they get satisfied smile and moves towards their desired destinations. Cosmetic dentist requires along with qualification, intelligency and skillful hands.



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