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Cosmetic Dentist
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Everybody loves to have bright, beautiful smile. Cosmetic dentist provide the reliable, convenient and efficient way to attain the wonderful smile.

Cosmetic Dentist performs tooth whitening procedures, they put dental implants, dental veneers, tooth bleaching and other cosmetic dentistry procedures. Cosmetic dentist helps in creating the smile which the patient dreams of having.

Cosmetic Dentist provide veneers incase where the teeth are discoloured and thus helps to restore them to normal colour. And, the teeth are small in size can also be attained normal size by veneering.

Misshapened, teeth may also require veneering. Such patient’s get formed the teeth in proper shape and size and thus develops a pleasing appearance in mouth. There are two types of veneers, chiefly that is composite veneers and porcelain veneers.

In case of Composite resin veneers, first of all the tooth is properly shaped, then dried. The phosphoric acid is applied to the tooth for acid etching. Then the adhesive bond is applied over the prepared tooth and finally composite resin material is place over the tooth surface and blue coloured light is put on it.

By this process curing occurs and the resin is placed in layers, repeating the process and the composite. Veneering is completed. In case of porcelain veneering first of all the tooth is properly shaped, impression is made and then sent to dental laboratory for making of metallic veneers which are coated with porcelain. Porcelain layer is matched with adjacent tooth, so that it gives the appearance of natural teeth.

It raises the patient confidence. Such cosmetic treatments provides million dollar smiles to the patients. Cosmetic Dentist thus put a good impact on certain person’s appearance. It is the hard efforts of dentist as well as cooperation of patient which helps in attaining such a beautiful results.

Cosmetic dentists helps in improving the patient’s feeling about himself and produces a profound difference in his life. Hence, the cosmetic dentist serves to enhance a person’s natural beauty or to give a person something that nature didn’t or perhaps which an accident took away.

Cosmetic dentist decides whether the person needs a crown or not and what type of material is good for him. Two of the main reasons dental crowns or caps are needed is to restore broken or unesthetic teeth. Gold crowns are the most durable, while all-porcelain is the least durable.

Cosmetic dentist decides which type of bleaching product is best for particular person. Teeth bleaching is one of the easiest cosmetic dentistry procedures to undergo and one that can make the person’s smile sparkle. Cosmetic Dentist fills the spaces between the person’s teeth.

Some people feel self conscious about the gaps in between their teeth and would like to have them fixed. So, cosmetic dentist helps them to achieve this. This gap is mainly due to genetic factor or due to childhood or even adulthood habits such as Thumb Sucking or Penbiting.


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