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Combinational skin

Combination skins are very common and are one of the most frequently misunderstood and mistreated skins. This type of skin has a greasy area, while the rest is dry or normal. The forehead, nose and chin i.e. the T-zone, may be greasy and the rest dry. It requires separate treatment for each area. Both the dry and greasy areas need moisturizing.

Care for combination skin

Clean the entire face twice a day with a mild cleanser. Apply a good moisturizer on the dry areas of the face as moisturizing the skin increases the penetration of water into the skin and reduces the rate at which water evaporates from the surface of the skin. For the oily areas apply any kind of oil absorbing creams and lotions.

Face Packs for Combinational Skin

Mix half a cup of powdered dry peas with three spoons of curd, juice of one lemon and half a cup of papaya pulp. Apply it on the face and keep for 20 minutes and wash your face with ice- cold water. Rub an ice cube dipped in rose water over the T-Zone. This pack helps in preventing the enlarged pores and blackheads.

  • Mash two tablespoons of ripe papaya flesh and spread over the face. Wash the face with warm water after 10-15 minutes. Apply this pack twice a week and after every facial. It will provide a health glow to the skin.

  • Apply a paste of barley meal, pea flower and rose water. Leave it for several hours on the skin. Later wash the face with tepid water. It will make the skin soft and supple.

  • Boil the carrot and turnip. Grind them to make a paste. Apply on the skin and leave for at least 15 minutes and then rinse the face with milk. This pack will provide the face with fresh and clean look.






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