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Chronic Health Problems
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Chronic Health Problems are of various types and few of then could be disabling conditions, which are as follow: -

Chronic fatigue syndrome:

Chronic fatigue syndrome is a disorder that is characterized by profound fatigue which is not improved by bed rest and that may be worsened by physical or mental activity. Other symptoms include headaches, recurrent sore throats, muscles and joint pains and cognitive complaints.

The degree of severity can vary widely among patients and will also vary overtime for the same patient. Severity can vary between getting unusually fatigued following stressful events, to being totally bedridden and completely disabled. The symptoms will tend to wax and wane overtime.


Epilepsy is a chronic medical condition produced by temporary changes in the electrical function of the brain, causing seizures which affect awareness movement or sensation. Patient feel limitations in Motor Abilities like driving, balancing, climbing, etc. There may also be limitations in sensory ability like Seeing, Hearing, etc.

Chronic fatigue syndrome (FMS)

It is a complex, chronic condition that causes widespread pain and severe fatigue. Deep muscular pain is the most common symptom. It can be all over the body, or in just one main region. Most people with

Fibromyalgia Syndrome say that at least some degree of pain is always present in all four quadrants of the body for at least three months. Some factors that effect pain are level of activity, the weather; a person’s sleep patterns and stress.

Besides chronic pain, other symptoms include extreme fatigue, sleep disorders, mood changes, impaired memory, dizziness, severe headaches and irritable. Because Fibromyalgia Syndrome affects people in different ways and with varying degree of severity, the accommodation process must be handled on a case-by-case basis.

Lupus: Lupus is a chronic, autoimmune disease that causes inflammation of various parts of the body, especially the skin, joints, blood and kidneys.

The immune system-designed to protect the body against viruses, bacteria and other foreign materials, produces antibodies that attack the person’s own tissues and organs. The more common symptoms of lupus include joint and muscle pain, extreme fatigue, persistent low grade fever butterfly rash across the bridge of the nose and cheeks, hair loss, headache, mouth or nose ulcers, etc.

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