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A chalazion is defined as a lump in the eyelid. Generally, this lump grows within a days or weeks. These lumps are red in colour. They maybe painful.

Causes and Symptoms of Chalazion

A chalazion is caused by the blockage of tiny oil gland in the eyelid. Hence, the gland involved in the formation of a cholazion is a modified sweat gland that lies within the eyelid. This gland generally produces oil. When this gland becomes blocked, it ruptures and finally the inflammation process begins. The eyelid has approximately 100 of these glands, located near the eyelashes.

A chalazion begins as diffuse swelling and tenderness. Later on it forms a cyst like localized swelling. It has been noted that many chalazia disappear without treatment after a few months. I case of chalazion, the patient’s eye is sensitivity to light. There is increased tearing also. Chalazion usually heal on their own, hence, the outcome with treatment is usually excellent.

Prevention of Chalazion

If a large chalazion is present then it can lead to astigmatism and it is chiefly due to pressure on the cornea. This astigmatism will get healed by itself if the resolution of the chalazion occurs. Chalazion can be prevented if a person, who is prone to chalazia, takes proper care of their eyes. It means he/she should perform proper cleansing of the eyelid. This will also prevent the recurrences of chalazion. Moreover, cleansing the eyelash area with baby shampoo will help reduce clogging of the ducts.

Diagnosis of Chalazion

Normally, the examination of he eyelid confirms the diagnosis. But in rare cases, the Meibomian gland duct may be blocked by a skin cancer. If this is suspected, then a biopsy should be done to diagnose the disorder.

Treatment of Chalazion

First of all, as we know that the chalazion is an inflammatory process. So effort, should be made to get removed the inflammation. Normally, the inflammation is a process in which the body reacts to a condition and produces a biologic reaction.

This reaction produces four signs of inflammation that is, warmth, swelling redness and pain. In order to treat chalazion, the person should use warm compresses. He/she should hold a warm, wet towel on the eyelid for atleast 10-15 minutes. It should be done tow to four times day. This helps in reduction of swelling. Person should also lightly massage the area, many times in a day.

He should not “Pop” or scratch the chalazion. If it has been found that the chalazion occurred due to bacterial infection the antibiotic eye drops or ointment should be given to the patient. Infection of a steroid medicine also helps to decrease the inflammation in chalazion patient.

If the chalazion shows severe symptoms or it lasts for long time them surgical removal of lump is necessary. The primary treatment which we often chose that is warm compresses, it’s main purpose is that it soften the hardened oils that blocks the duct and finally promote drainage and healing.

If the chalazion is enlarged and surgically removed then, it is done only under local an aesthesia. Otherwise, it may be painful and creates discomfort to the patient. Surgery is often done from underneath the eyelid to avoid a scar on the skin. Although, antibiotic eye drops are used several days before and after removal of the cyst, but it is little value of treating a chalazion.It must be remembered that if the swelling progresses or/persists longer than one month then the consultation should be made with health care provider. Health care Provider will examine, if the lumpson the eyelids continue to enlarge despite treatment or are associated with an area of eyelash loss.


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