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Care of children eyesight

It is a duty of parents to take care of their children’s sight.

If one or both of the parents suffer from usual defects, they should remain alert and take greater care of their children’s eyesight. Such parents should prevent their children from excessively indulging in near works like reading, writing, drawing, painting, embroidering, etc. They should encourage their children to go out and play outdoor games.

They should preferably educate children through the medium of their mother-tongue which would entail lesser hard work on the part of their children. It is a known fact that the greater the burden of studies, the greater the mental tension and visual defects.

Children should be allowed only restricted viewing of television or video. Experiments have shown that a colour television does more harm to the eyes than a black and white television.

Parents should try to cultivate in their children the right habits for good sight and healthy eyes. Eye-wash, water-splashes and palming should be incorporated into daily schedule of activities. Children should be enlightened about the correct ways of using the eyes. They should not be allowed to read while lying down or to keep awake till late hours.

It is necessary that a child’s eyes be tested before he joins a kindergarten. An eye-test should be repeated when the child is six years old.

Thereafter a check-up every year is advisable. Parents having visual defects themselves should remain more careful. Observe your child’s reading-writing habits. Ensure that he reads or writes at a normal distance, like other children.

If he insists on holding the print too close to his eyes, immediately get his eyes tested.You can test your child’s sight yourself at home. If you test your child’s sight every six months, any change in his eyesight can immediately be detected.

Whenever necessary, it is advisable to consult an eye-specialist. Visions pass through a process of development during the first six years of life. In other words, a children’s vision is fully developed (6/9 or 6/6) by the time he is six years old.

If at this time a child can see both near and distant objects clearly and with ease, his eyes can be considered normal.



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