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Office Makeup

1. Prepare your face for receiving make up by first cleaning it with cleansing milk. Apply toner to remove the left over cleanser and shrink your pores.

Massage some moisturizer before you start make up.

2. Foundation may be avoided, but if you do not have a smooth complexion, you may wear it by adding some water to toner to the foundation to make it translucent. Use very little of foundation.

Now pat some powder and highlight your cheeks with a powder brusher. Cream blusher may give a worn out look by the evening

3. For your eye makee a liquid eye liner to define the eyes. Apply kajal and a single coat of mascara to finish.

4. Finally apply lipstick and blot with a tissue paper for a more natural look.

5. Remember to do your make up in natural light and not in a closed room under artificial lights.

Don’t forget the deodorant or a god floral body spray to keep you smelling nice the whole day.

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