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Breast Feeding
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Each and every parents wants to give their babies the best nutrition. The best food for the babies is breast milk. The breast milk is completely suited to nourish infants and protect then from illness. Breast fed infants have lower chances of developing ear infections, diarrhoea, rashes, allergies and comparative to bottle fed babies.

It has been recommended that babies should be breast fed for six to twelve months. Solid foods can be introduced when the baby is 4 to 6 months old, but a baby should drink breast milk but not cow’s milk for at least full year.

There are not any rules specified to tell that when the baby should stop breast feeding. A baby needs breast milk for the first year of life and then as long as desired after that.

Benefits of Breast Feeding

Breast feeding is good for new mothers as well as for their babies. There are no bottle to sterilize and there is no formula to buy, then measure and finally mix. It may be easier for a nursing mother to lose the pounds of pregnancy as well, since nursing uses up extra calories .

lactation also stimulates the uterus to contract back to its original size. A nursing mother is forced to get needed rest. She must sit down, put her feet up and relax every few hours to nurse. Nursing at night is easy as well. No one has to run to the refrigerator for a bottle and worm it while the baby cries.

If she’s lying down, a mother can doze. While she nurses. Nursing is also nature’s contraceptive. Frequent nursing suppresses ovulation, making it less likely for a nursing mother to menstruate, ovulate are get pregnant. But its not guaranteed.

Mothers who don’t want more children should use contraception even while nursing. Hormone injections and implants are safe during nursing, as are all barrier methods, of birth control. Breast feeding is economical also.

Even though a nursing mother works up a pig appetite and consumes extra calories, the extra food for her is less expensive than buying formula for the baby. Nursing saves money while providing the best nourishment possible.

Breast Feeding Tips

(a) Get and Early start: Nursing should begin within an hour after delivery, that is when an infant is awake an the sucking instant is strong.

(b) Proper positioning: The baby’s mouth should be wide open with the nipple as far back into his or her mouth as possible.

(c) No Supplement: Nursing babies don’t need sugar water or formula supplements. These may interfere with their appetite for nursing, which can lead to a diminished milk supply.

(d) Eat Sight, get rest: To produce plenty of good milk, the nursing mother needs a balanced diet

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