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Body Odour
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Bad Body Odour

Body odour is defined as the unpleasant smell coming from the body. Bad smell can be felt through common sense approaches. Body smells unpleasantly when sweat produced by it dries and bacteria present on the skin starts breaking it down and finally releasing chemicals which in turn produces bad-uncomfortable smell. It makes the life really intolerable for the person living around in the surroundings.

Body odour is generally produced from two kinds of sweats. The first type of sweat is known or Eccrine and the second type. Eccrine sweat is produced throughout whole body and generally remains odorless. But the Apocrine sweat is produced under armpits, on the feet and severally bad smell. Hence, the pungent smell is mainly found in these areas.

Body odour may arise in feet also because we generally wrap our feet tightly in shoes and socks. The tight closing of our feet produces an environment that is ideal for the growth of fungi. Hence, the combination of smell due to fungal infection and bacterial odour, makes the environment unpleasant

Treatment for Body Odour

Some of use is cursed with bigger and more active apocrine glands than others. And some of us simply are not as successful as others in getting rid of the bacteria our skin. Person should bathe at least once daily with an antibacterial soap such as Safeguard or Dial.

If the problem does not subside then the prescription soap such as PHISOHEX is used. Some people advice the use of benezoyl peroxide or an antibacterial ointment. These should be no problem with short-term use of such remedies except some drying of the skin may occur. But before following any medications, the person should read the instruction mentioned over it.

Person should get the problem cleansed up and then go back to the plain old Safeguard bran or Dial brand soap.

An individual should use a deodorant with aluminum or zinc. Either of these metals should kill odour-causing bacteria. Extremely heavy sweaters should use an antiperspirant deodorant containing aluminum chloride. Person should launder clothing more often. No matter how busy the person is, but a trip to the cleaners is a must. Washing of the clothes at home should be done with an odour fighting detergent such as tide.

Person should freshen up in the bathroom with a towelette as many times as necessary during the day. Person should also apply some hydrogen peroxide or some witch hazel on the most offending areas of the body.

Person should also avoid the regular consumption of spicy or sharp smelling foods. The odour comes through the pores. If the body odour does not subsides, even with proper care, and then the sufferer should make consultation with a doctor.

It has been noted that the different types of body odours, indicates specific form of internal problems. In some cases, there is beer smell felt and this indicates a yeast condition.

But in case of body odour if there is a smell of nail-polish remover them it indicates that the person is suffering from diabetes. If the body smells like ammonia then there is an indication that the person is suffering from liver disease. Hence, the treatment is prescribed by the doctor according to the according to the causative agent.


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