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After facial makeup, the next thing that comes on the face is the blusher. Blushers add warmth to the face, and emphasise the facial contours. This is a highlighting colour, that is applied on the high edge of the cheek bones and blended to create a natural-looking blush on the cheeks.

Always start by using a little blusher and gradually build color to get the desired effect. Remember, it is always easier to add more to get the vibrant look.

Types of Blushers:

The predominant form today is the powder blusher-this is the successor to the original rouge. Cream blushers are somewhat newer than powder blusher

Powder blusher

Powder blushers suit all skin and are especially good for OILY SKIN. If you prefer the matte finish, use a powder blusher after setting your make up with powder.

Dust the excess blusher from the blush. Begin with circular motion on the cheeks and then sweep across the cheek bone towards the hair line. Keep color within the apple of your cheeks. Apple is the raised portion of your cheeks when you smile

Cream Blusher

Cream blushers are god for DRY SKIN. Dot some blusher with your finger tip on the center of your cheek. Put 2 more dots in an upward and outward slant line towards the temples (temples are the sides of the forehead).

Gently blend it upwards and outwards with the fingers within the apple of your cheek (apple is the raised portion of your cheeks when you smile). Now brush or pat powder.


For mature skin, a matte finish with powder blushers is ideal

Subtle sparkly cheeks!!!

1. Swipe a thin layer of shiny powdered pink eye shadow over your powder blush.

2. Often the small blush brush that comes with cosmetic is of no use. A full round brush gives a professional look that is softer and more desirable. It is important to have seperate brushes for the brush and the powder

3. Powder brush should always be applied in one direction to avoid streaking.

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