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Blurred Vision
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Blurred vision is defined as the blurring of vision or images. Blurred vision should be clearly distinguished from other visual symptoms. Particularly Double Vision, that is diplopia should be clearly differentiated from the blurred vision.

The main part consists of determining whether the blurred vision is unilateral or bilateral, that is whether one eye is affected or both the eyes are affected. One should also know that whether the blurred vision occurs continuously or intermittently.

Causes of Blurred Vision

The various causes of blurred vision are as follow:

Certain patients who wear wrong eyeglasses may suffer from blurred vision. Person’s suffering from Nearsightedness or farsightedness, also suffers from blurred vision. Dry Eyes or Exophthalmia also leads to blurred vision. Various eye conditions like cataract Glaucoma, etc. may also lead to blurring of vision.

Blurring of vision may also occur in Presbyopic patients. Vision may also be blurred in patients of Macular degeneration, senile macular degeneration and in diabetic lens osmosis. In narrow angle glaucoma and acute glaucoma also blurred vision is seen. If there is continuous eye irritation, that is from much longer time then blurring of vision can occur.

Persons suffering from refractive eye conditions also shows blurred vision. During pregnancy, blurring of vision may be noted in certain ladies. There may be visual effects prior to the onset of migraine.

In case of visual distortion, there may be visual hallucination, which also shows blurred vision. Vertebrobasilar insufficiency causes episodes of blurred or double vision.

Symptoms of Blurred Vision

There may be cloudiness of eye. Patient suffering from blurred vision, feels deficiency in vision. The objects seems to be dull. Person is unable to distinguish whether it is one thing lying ahead or are two or three in number or many in number.

During serve emotional stress also, there may be immediate blurring of vision experienced by certain people. Blurring of vision leads to uncomfortable feeling among the persons.

Even it has been noted that certain eye drops when put into the person’s eyes for certain eye tests then also blurring of vision is noted and it lasts for few hours too.

Treatment of Blurred Vision

If the blurring of vision, occurs due to intake of certain medications like antidepressant drugs, corticosteroid drugs, anti-hypertensive drugs, oral contraceptives, Parkinson’s disease medications, etc then these drugs should be immediately stopped.

In case of diabetes, by controlling the blood, sugar levels, the blurring of vision can be prevented. Blurred vision can be treated by using the correct glassesProper diagnosis should be make regarding the eye problems. If the contact lenses are warm since last many years then leading to blurred vision. Hence, the old lenses should be replaced with the newer ones. The most important thing, for the treatment and prevention of blurred vision is that person should take healthy Diet rich in Vitamin A is considered best fro the eyes and case of hypertensive patients, their blood pressure should be maintained under normal level.


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