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Blepharitis is defined as the inflammation of the eyelids. It is particularly seen at the margins of the lid. It is a very common disorder. It is generally associated with a low grade bacterial infection or generalized skin condition.

Causes of Blepharitis
1) Anterior Blepharitis:

This type of blepharitis affects the outside front of the eyelid where the eyelashes are attached. Major causes of Anterior. Blepharitis are the bacteria and scalp dandruff.

2) Posterior Blepharitis:

This type of blepharitis generally affects the inner eyelid. It is caused due to some problems with the oil, that is meibomin glands in the eyelid. The main causative agents for Posterior blepharitis are the disease like acne rosacea and scalp dandruff.

Symptoms of Blepharitis

In cases of both the Anterior and Posterior blepharitis, the common symptoms are like eye irritation. There may be burning sensation in the eye. There may be tearing and foreign body sensation. There may also be observed in the lashes particularly in the lashes or the corner of the eyes or on the lids.

There may also be dryness felt in the eye and red eyelid margins may also be observed. If the person is suffering from blepharitis which is bacterial then the side effects or harmful effects seen are like thickened lid margins, dilated and visible capillaries.

There may be trichiasis, eyelash loss, ectropion and entropion. Moreover, the lower third of the cornea shows significant erosion.
Treatment of Blepharitis

Generally, blepharitis shows the tendency to recur and hence it difficult to manage. Generally the treatment consists of applying warm compresses to eyelids, cleaning then using an antibiotic and then massaging the lids.

If the blepharitis makes the eyes feel dry then the artificial tears or lubricating ointments may adviced to get relief. The warm compresses commonly loosen crusts on the eyes.

It also warm up and loosen the plugs blocking the meibomian glands in meibomianitis. Cleansing the eyelids is essential for the blepharitis treatment. Person should clean them with warm water.

Salt water, baby shampoo diluted with warm, etc may be used for cleansing the lids. Person should first of all wash his hands, then the clean wash cloth, cotton swab or gauze pad is dipped into a cleaning solution

Then that is gently wiped across the lashes and lid margin. Further it is rinsed with cool water. First of all during the start of treatment, the person should clean the lids several times a day. Then later on, he/she should clean then once a day. Antibiotic treatment is recommend for certain types of blepharitis. Topical antibiotic ointment or an oral antibiotic may be given. If the patient have meibomin gland dysfunction on then he should massage the lids to remove excess oil.

Flax oil supplements, either by pill or by liquid may also be used to stabilized the meibomian secretion associated with meibomian seborrheic blepharitis. Because, the blepharitis is a Chronic disease hence therapy used be used for longer period of time. Person suffering from blepharitis should not wear eye make up.

Hence, like this eyelid hygiene can be maintained and massage treatments should be carried out. Patient should be carried out. Patient should use an anti-dandruff shampoo for the scalp and eyebrows.


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