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1) Avoid the sun

A strong sun is not your best friend. Soaking in a lot of sunrays every day works properly for the skin. It ages the ski. The skin takes on a leatherly look and becomes darker due to an increase in skin pigment.

But you can safeguard against this by applying sunscreen cream before stepping out in the sun. All complexion creams that promise you a fair and lovely skin rely on a sunscreen agent. This is the big secret of their success.

2) Shield against severe cold

Coldweather conditions dry and roughen up the skin and cause many ill effects. Intense cold can produce blotching, hasten appearance of thread veins on the cheeks and give the skin a flaky appearance. The best protection is to employ a moisturiser in lavish amounts and wear a good protective layer of foundation and make up on your skin.

3) Dont't scrotch your skin

Keep out of extreme tempratures and avoid a sudden temrature change. If you have been out in the biting cold and return home, do not dash straight away to sit close to a room heater. This can sometimes produce scorch marks on the arms and legs and lead to chillblains.

4) Bathe immediately after a swim in the sea

Swimming out at sea is not a bad idea; seawater is generally invigorating and goodfor the skin. But always remember to take a quick fresh water shower immediately on return so that the salt is washed off.

Salt can make the skin-particularly facila skin- excessively dry and can also produce burning. Also be wary of the sun: the effect of sunrays is heightened at sea because the rays get reflected from the water . So if you waddle for long hours out at sea, you risk sunburns that can hort your joy.

5) Just the extra care

If you have an extra dry skin and the tap water in your town is extra hard and soapy, it is best to balm your skin before a bath, or employ a water softening agent to reduce the water hardness.

To liven up your face during the day, experiment with a mineral water spray. Fill up mineral water in a well - washed spray bottle and use.

6) Be sensible about cosmetics

A clever use of cosmetics can certainly make you look more beautiful. You can hide blemishes and spots and camouflage discolouration such as dark circles under your eyes. But you must always be careful not to use cosmetics excessively.

You must always choose cosmetics that suit your skin type. For instance, you must not use oily make up and creams if you have greasy skin, and avoid the drying variety of soaps should also have dry skin.


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