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Beauty In Summers
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Summers can play havoc with the exposed parts of your skin.

Summers are truly harsh and the most vulnerable part of your body is face, which remains uncovered almost all times. So you need to take special care of your skin in summers.

Summer Beauty Makeup Tips

1. Never sit inside centrally air conditioned or fully heated room, it snatches moisture frim your skin. So spray glycerine, rose water on your skin from time to time. You can also spray with make up on.

2. A tip to heal your skin in moisture throught the day-before you apply cream, spray rose water on your face.

3. If your skin is too dry,dont wash your face with too much of soap as soap snatches moisture from your skin, but do give your skin regular splashes of water

4. Drik lots n lots of water. It your water intake is about 5-6glasses of water then increase it upto 10-12 glasses of water.

5. Avoid going in the sun as much as you can, and when you are out in the sun make sure that you have applied suncreen with spf of 15 minimum. Use hats ,caps, umbrella to protect yourself from sun. Wear full sleeve shirt if possible.

6. Cleanliness is important. Dust particles get stuck in the pores of the skin, so clean your face throughly before applying makeup. Remember that cleansing milk is used for oily skin and toner for dry skin.

Tips for Face Care in Summers

1. In summers, there is more of oil secretion, so wash your face 3-4 times a day with cold water. If you go for a walk,then first cool down and then splash cold water.

2. Apply ice packs on face, it reduces sweating to a larger extent.

3. Don't use scrubs as it makes your skin dry.

4. Home made face packs with tomato and lemon takes out excess oil and black heads. If your skin is carrying pimples or rashes then don't use lemon.

5. Toning helps to tone and refresh the skin and help to add a finishing touch to the process of cleansing as it removes all cream and greasy residue.

Summer Beauty Products

1. Home made face packs with tomato and lemon takes out excessive oil and blackheads. If your skin is carrying pimples or rashes then don't use lemon.

2. Daily home care home made face packs prepared with yogurt, honey and egg is very effective on the dead cells.

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