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Beauty Sleep
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A good rest has always been known as beauty sleep. There are lots of good things provided by nature to use and that totally free and sound sleep is one among them. Beauty is one among them. Beauty sleep is one of the cheapest treatments, which a person can gift to himself/herself.

A sound sleep provides complete relaxation to the body. There is no cosmetic that is cream or lotion, which can bring glow to the person’s face. Rather if a person has got complete sleep, he wakes up fresh, with a wonderful smile and radiant face.

Due to this, the skin specialists along with giving medicine for any skin disease also prescribe certain tranquilizers, which help the patient in getting sound sleep. If the patient has not slept properly, then his/her skin looks older and too much drier. Moreover, if a person has not got complete sleep, his skin also looks tired and dull.

But if a person has got complete sleep, then his skin renews itself and appears beautiful. Hence, we can say that a beauty sleep is very important for good health and beautiful body. The duration of sleep, necessary for a person. But then also person should get enough sleep per night is best for adults.

How Person can get Beauty Sleep?

Self-discipline is generally required to get required amount of sleep. Person should try to go to bed-required amount of sleep. Person should try to go to bed before ten or eleven, at night. There may be various reasons for not going to bed at proper time for sleep.

It may be because of major change in anybody’s life, too much intake of coffee or tee, use of synthetic bed sheet, if the pillows are plumpy or old and sugar, late night Television may also keep the person stuck in the chair, if a person is rushing around hectically or eating irregular, if the person’s mattrers are too soft or too hard or they are old and worn out, etc.

Person should also increase the quality of their sleep. The quality of their sleep. They should not exercise too late in the evening because it raises the stress hormones, which makes it difficult to fall asleep.

Moreover, sleeping should be done in complete darkness to stabilize the release of melatonin. This melatonin hormone is essential for healthy sleep patterns and it also diminishes the negative effects of cortisol.

Person should also reduce the stress of their routine life. If can be achieved by following certain methods like Massage, Exercise, acupuncture, meditation, etc.Along with this certain vitamins and supplements should also be used. There all ways help to reduce the levels of stress hormone.

Person should also control his blood sugar level by staying away from sugar and excess caffeine and following a healthy diet plan which balances proteins, carbohydrates and fats. Moreover, person should also not eat too many carbohydrates like bread, pastas, particularly in the evening.

It has been observed, that the good sleep is also associated, with fat loss. It is be cause of the growth hormones released during sleep, which helps in repairing and rebuilding body tissues like muscle and bone. If the person suffers from chronic sleep deprivation then it can result in an increases risk of cardiovascular disease

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