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Q: Help my mascara runs!

A: Obviously, you aren't using waterproof mascara. This is the age of specialized mascara. Choose a waterproof one that either lengthens your lashes or separates them or that gives them a sexy smudged effect. There is a definite technique to applying mascara. First on the top side of upper lashes, stroking the color down. Then on the underside of the top lashes, stroking the color up. Avoid using the wand on the lower lashes for daytime; do so only for an 'event' evening.Apply two coats.

Q: Skin on my arm has dark patches Help!!!

A: Patchy skin can be caused by the use of a combination of chemicals, due to pollution; or by excessive exposure to sun. Use a glycerin based or a moisturizing soap. Avoid creams, soaps and moisturizers that contain too much perfume. Using a sunscreen even when you are indoors will help.

Q: My skin is very sensitive. I get rashes all over.

A: Waxing is sometimes known to cause rashes. But if you take proper precautions beforehand, the chances of you developing a rash may be reduced or completely prevented.

  • Remain in a cool place
  • Use ice to soothe the affected areas after your wax is over
  • Apply a thin layer of caladryl lotion after waxing.
  • Check the cleanliness and hygiene of your parlor. Ensure that your waxing is carried out with disposable or cellophane strips. Avoid recycled cloth strips completely
Useful Tips on Beauty

1) For sun-tired eyes, make refreshing eye pads from thick slices of cucumber or cotton pads soaked in iced tea.

2) Nourish the skin with these bath formulas:Two tsp salt, 1.5 tsp almond oil and half tsp malt vinegar. Mix together and apply to body before a bath.

3) To prevent a tan, apply equal quantities of almond oil and malt vinegar one hour before you bath.4)To soothe sunburn , use a head -to-toe yogurt mask. Leave on for 10 minutes and then shower off with cool water. 5)To feel fresh , cleansing is essential to remove makeup, dirt and grime from the face

Foundation setting up into Pores and Lines

Solution: Most foundations contain ingredients that provide some amount of movement. If they didn't, they wouldn't blend easily and would feel dry and matte on the skin, making wrinkles look worse. But that also means these foundations can easily slip into pores, making the skin look mottled.

Moisturizing when you don't need to would create even more slippage. Unless you have dry skin, there is no reason to wear a moisturizer under foundation. Too much moisturizer (not too little) or too much foundation can absolutely cause slippage into lines and pores.

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