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Bare essential makeup

1. Keep morning makeup as light as possible because the harsh rays of the sun pitilessly point out all the makeup defects which go unnoticed in the mellow light of the evening.

2. Avoid using foundation or face cream of any type, but if you must apply it, do it very sparsely and near an open window and not in a closed room under artificial lights.

3. Lightly apply rouge, put on soft shade of lipstick, puff on some powder, add eyeliner and a thin coating of masca

Makeup to look fresh and last longer

1. Rub ice over your face before applying foundation to make it stay for longer.

All day eye shadow

If you want your eye shadow to last all day long simply aply a thin layer of concealer before applying your eye shadow.

Use pencil eyeliner instead of a liquid liner to apply on your eyelids. Then with an eye shadow brush apply black eye shadow on the liner to last longer or you can also use another colour to give it the dual colour effect

Permanent makeup tip

Rubbing ice over face before applying foundation makes make up stay for long



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