Bad Breath
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It is also known as Mouth Odour or halitosis. Halitosis, also termed as feter ex are or fetor oris, is foul or offensive odour emitted from the oral cavity emitted from the oral cavity. Mouth odours are of diagnostic significance. The origin of Mouth Odours may be either oral or extra oral. Oral cause has also been termed as oral malodor.

Causes of Bad Breath

(1) Retention of bad smelling food particles on an between the teeth. These food particles lead to unpleasant smell.

(2) Retention of food particles may also occur on the tongue, thereby form a coating on the tongue which further results in production of offensive. Odour.

(3) Acute necrotizing ulcerative gingivitis is a condition, in which bad breath is commonly felt.

(4) Person suffering from dehydration also suffers from bad breath.

(5) Caries is the major causative agent of unpleasant smell from the mouth. In case of caries, there is accumulation of food particles in the tooth cavity, leading to acid production and finally untolerable odour.

(6) In case of old persons who wear artificial dentures, and do not clean their dentures property. It leads to collection of food particles an finally bad odour. Due to this reason, denture wearers are advised to remove their dentures out of mouth at night and insert in the mouth, in the morning only after proper cleaning.

(7) Person who smokes regularly, also shows the incredences of bad breath. Smoking has been believed to be the major causative agent of offensive smelling breath which if it persists for much longer time, then it leads to severe consequences.

(8) After extraction of tooth, if the wound is not properly cleaned with ware or mouth rinses, it may lead to development of Moth Odours.

(9) After any surgery, also bad odour may come from the wound.

(10) Chronic periodontitis with pocket formation may also cause unpleasant mouth odour from accumulated debris and the increased rate of putrefaction of the saliva.

(11) The other extra oral sources of mouth odors include infections or lesions of the respiratory tract including bronchitis, pneumonia, bronchiectasis etc. and odours excreted through the lungs from aromatic substances in the blood stream, such as metabolites from ingested foods or excretory products of cell metabolism.

(12) Alcoholic breath, the acetone odour of diabetes, and the uremic breath that accompanies kidney dysfunctions are also the examples of bad breath.

Cure for Bad Breath

The Bad breath should be diagnosed by careful examination of the entire oral cavity. It should include the examination of the lips, the floor of the mouth, the tongue the palate and the oropharyngeal, region. Person should keep in mind to known about the quality and quantity of saliva.

Because, periodontal, periapical and other oral diseases may result in lymph mode changes and hence these should be routine examination of head and neck lymphnodes. Lymph can become enlarged or indurated as result of an infections episode. Inflammatory nodes become enlarged, palpable tender and completely immobile. The overlying skein may be red and warm. Patients are frequently aware of the presence of “swollen glands”. After successful therapy, the lymph nodes return to normal in a matter of day or a few weeks.

Treatment of bad breath

The patients suffering from bad breath should take special care of their oral hygiene. They should go for immediate removal of the causative agent of bad breath, like if any food lodgement is there, then scaling should be done. If the bad breath is due to carious lesion, then filling should be done. Nowadays lots of mouthwashes are available which helps to get rid off bad breath. Flavoured mouthwashes are of great help. Moreover, Mouth Odour can be controlled by brushing the teeth with proper technique, atleast twice a day


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