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Baby's Skin Care
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Baby’s skin is extremely sensitive than adults and is therefore more prone to irritations and allergies. Hence, special care should be taken to protect the baby’s skin from harmful avoid making use of products for their child’s skin which contain unnecessary irritants.

Because of the anatomical morphological and functional characteristics of the baby’s skin, it is generally considered that babies have a very delicate skin. Hence skin care products used for them should be gentle and soothing.

And therefore, fragrance free and colourless products like for cleansers, moisturizers, powders, etc. should be chosen. Moreover, those products used for them should not contain any irritating or sensitizing ingredients.

Certain things are available in market, which contains skin irritants like peppermint, menthol and citrus. Such irritants are found to be harmful for an adult’s skin and thus more for a child’s delicate skin. Hence, in order to avoid the application of such products on the child’s skin, parents should look on the ingredient label.

Baby’s skin should be regularly examined and if and if any problematic condition, appears then consultation should be made with doctor. Baby’s kin should not be allowed to dry. Moisturizers should be lightweight, soothing and non-irritating. Without the use of moisturizer, the baby’s skin appears dry, crumbly and sometimes painful too.

Baby’s skin is very soft; it should be protected from any sort of injury. The cleansers used should be gentle and they should not be containing any detergent-cleansing agent. It should be both fragrance and surfactant free.

Buttermilk soap can be used for babies. In order to defense the baby’s sensitive skin, use of gentle shampoos should be made.

There are a growing number of cosmetic counters displaying adorably packaged shampoos. Mothers get fascinated by them.

It has been found that as the Hair Care companies are aware that the mothers have impulsive emotional scents that trigger the image of their babies. Mother thinks it smells better or the packing is beautiful, so they go for it for their babies. But such things prove to be harmful.

Mother’s should also make use of fragrance-free baby wipes. Mother’s should never use talc on a baby’s skin.

Rather they can substitute is with Plain cornstarch. It is the best alternative and is primary ingredient in most talc-free baby powder. Plain cornstarch is available from kitchen cupboard and it does not contain any fragrance.

Diaper Rash Ointment should be used in babies. There ointments, contains petrolatum, lanolin, cod liver oil, mineral oil and wax.Diaper Rash ointment with 10 % Zinc Oxide can also be used. It contains benzyl alcohol, high up on the ingredient list

Moreover, as the child’s skin get exposed to sunlight, therefore, use of sunscreen is very much important. The chief ingredients of sunscreen should be titanium oxide and Zinc Oxide.

It is because such ingredient does not irritate child’s sensitive skin. Massage oil usually contains plants oil and should be used for babies. Silkening powder containing oat flour, rice starch, cornstarch should be used in babies.


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