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Astringent is used to tone the skin and is essential to remove the last traces of grease and closed pores. Astringents reduce the body secretions as they contract the blood vessels and tissues.

Astringent is applied to the oiliest places of the face like sides of the nose, chin and the forehead. Strong astringents should be avoided as they contain alcohol and makes the skin tight and dehydrated.

Lemon astringent

Mix together four tablespoons of lemon juice, half teaspoon of peppermint extract, eight tablespoons witch hazel and two tablespoons alcohol. Store the mixture in a large glass bottle for 24 hours. Then strain the mixture and use for cleaning the oily skin.

Make a juice of two large lemons, one-tablespoon tincture and sixteen tablespoons of distilled water. Dip a cotton wool in the juice and gently clean the face with it.

Soaked wool in limejuice is also an effective astringent for all skin types.

Rosemary Astringent

Mix two tablespoons rosemary, peel and pith of one-fourth orange, peel and pith of a half lemon, four sprigs of mint, one-fourth alcohol and half cup of rose water and store in an airtight bottle for 48-72 hours and shake the bottle frequently.

Rose Water And Witch-Hazel Astringent

Mix three-fourth cup of rose water and one-fourth cup witch-hazel. In case of excess oily skin both can be used in equal proportions

Camphor Astringent

In a large bottle mix half cup of rose water, half-cup witch-hazel, half cup distilled water, one-tablespoon camphorspirit and two drops of blue colour.

Add a pinch of alum to make the astringent strong. Strain and use is to tighten and tone the skin. Men can also use this astringent as an after-shave lotion

Honey Water Astringent

Mix together eight tablespoons of sandalwood oil, a pinch of sandalwood chips, one-teaspoon bergamot oil, one-fourth teaspoon lavender oil, one-eighth teaspoon clove oil, four tablespoons rose water, four tablespoons orange flower water and one tablespoon honey. Store the mixture in airtight jar for two weeks and shake the bottle daily.

Orange and Lemon Astringent

Put one slice of orange, half lemon and two tablespoons of castor sugar into a pan with a cup of milk. Heat the mixture to near boiling point. Allow it to cool and store in a fridge.

Elder Flower Water Astringent

Wash about a handful of elder flowers and mix six tablespoons of boiling water into a large jar. Keep them overnight and strain the mixture next day. Now mix three tablespoons of this elderflower water, three tablespoons rose water, three tablespoons witch-hazel and one-teaspoon boric acid into a large bottle. Shake well before using.


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