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Age Related Macular Degeneration
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AMD, that is Age related macular degeneration is a medical condition where the light sensing cells in the macula malfunction and over time cease to work. It is the main cause of central vision loss, that is blindness. There are generally, two types of diseases, those are standard Macular Degeneration also known as MD and Age related macular degeneration. And common among them is Age Related degeneration.

Macular Degeneration may have wet AMD or Dry AMD. Wet AMD, mainly occurs when the new blood vessels the new blood vessels form to improve the blood supply to oxygen deprived retinal tissue.

However, the new vessels are very delicate and break easily resulting in bleeding and damage to the surrounding tissue. While the patients suffering from Dry Macular degeneration are more commonly seen. It typically results in a less several more gradual loss of vision.

The dry type of Macular Degeneration is also characterized by drusen and loss of pigment in the retina. Drusen are small, yellow deposits that form within the layers of the retina. But in case of Wet degeneration, there may be scar tissue also present along with haemorhage and swelling but it can be treated with laser in some cases.

Macular Degeneration is caused by variety of factors. Genetic factor play an important role in development of Macular degeneration Age, nutrition, smoking and sunlight also influences greatly the development of macular degeneration.

Signs and Symptoms of Amd

Patient experiences loss of central vision. But the loss of central vision is gradual in patient’s suffering from dry type macular degeneration. But in case of patient’s suffering from wet type of macular degeneration, there is sudden decrease of the central vision.

Person also feels difficulty in reading or performing tasks that require the ability to see detail. There is distorted vision. Straight lines such as doorway or the edge of a window may appear way or bent.

Photo dynamic therapy has prevent to be effective in stopping abnormal blood vessel growth in some patients with wet AMD.

This new treatment of laser treatment is far less damaging than laser photo coagulation and is the treatment of choice in many cases. Recent studies have indicated a strong link between nutrition and the development of macular degeneration.

It has been scientifically demonstrated that people with diets high in fruits and vegetables particularly leafy green vegetables, have a lower incidence of macular degeneration.

Early diagnosis is critical for successful treatment of wet macular degeneration. Patients can help the doctor detect early changes by monitoring vision at home with an Amsler grid. They should take a multi-vitamin with zinc.

Patient’s should exercise regularly, quit smoking, always protect the eyes with sunglasses that have ultraviolet protection, incorporate dark leafy green vegetables like spinach, turnip greens, etc. into their diet.


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