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Amblyopia is also known as lazy eye. Amblyopia is the eye condition which is noted by reduced vision and it is not correctable by glasses or contact lenses. This condition is not at all due to any eye disease. In this case, the brain due to certain reasons is unable to identify or recognize the images seen by amblyopic eye.

This type of condition, generally affects only one eye. But there may be seen reduction of vision in both the eyes. It has been observed that near about three percent of children of less than six years of age have some type of amblyopia.

Causes of Amblyopia

Normally, both eyes should receive, both eyes should receive clear images during the critical period. It anything interferes with clear vision in either eye during the critical period that is from birth to six years of age, then it can result in amblyopia.

That is the reduction in vision which cannot be corrected by glasses or elimination of an eye turn. The most common causes of amblyopia are constant strabismus i.e. constant turn of one eyes anisometropia that is different vision in each and blockage of an eye due to trauma, lid droop, etc.

If one eye sees clearly and the other sees a blurred then the good eye and brain will inhibit the eye with the blur. Hence, we can say that the amblyopia is a neurologically active process. The inhibition process or the suppression can result in a permanent decreases in the vision in that eye that cannot be corrected with glasses, lenses or lasik surgery.

Symptoms of Amblyopia

It is because the amplyopia usually occur in one eye only hence many parents and children as usually unaware of the condition.Moreover, lots of parents fail to take their kids for an early eye examination.

Treatment of Amblyopia

Amblyopia can be successfully treated upto the age of 17. Early treatment is mainly simple, employing glasses, drops, vision therapy and patching.

Detection and correction before the age of two offers the best chance for a cure. Accordingly to nowadays views, amblyopia cannot be cured, that is normal 20 % stereo vision, without early detection and treatment.

But the treatment for older children and adults is usually successfully in improving vision and should be attempted.

Treatment of amblyopia after the age of 17 is not dependent upon age but requires more effort including vision therapy.Every amblyopic patient deserves and attempt at treatment.

While no scientific studies have been done on treatment of amblyopia after the age of 17.

In the nutshell improvements are possible at any age, but early detection and treatment shows the best result. But if it is not detected and treatment early in life, then it can cause a permanent loss of vision with associated loss of stereopsis, that is two eyed depth perception.


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